About Me

Hey Babes, 

I am the face behind the brand. 

My names Shannon, I am 27 and the designer / creator of All Things Peachy. 

I am an Executive Assistant, yogi, Mexican lover, netflix binger and wine drinker. 

I started ALLTP with a vision, to be able to have a swimmer that has dual purpose. I LOVE to workout in the sunshine. I also love the idea of not taking a million outfits in my bag, because yes I am a girl that over packs because I need options. 

I truly believe you should be in love with yourself. I know, I know, we bang on all the time about self love and how important it is, but it is a hard thing to initiate with all things instagram model. And I get that! I really do. 

I want you to wear my swimwear with sass! flaunt what your Mumma gave you. 

The collection is made from recycled plastics recovered from the sea. I feel excited to share a eco friendly brand with the world. 

I am a certified yoga teacher and am excited to share light and love with you very soon. 


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